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One stunning afternoon: Setbacks imperil Biden's reset | Macon Telegraph
Macon GA Breaking News... 1 hour ago
It was an hour President Joe Biden would no doubt like to forget.     The strain with France came just as Biden had hoped to pivot to his ambitious domestic agenda. 

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Yes, you were right to panic over the recall election even though Newsom won easily - Los Angeles Times
News from California, ... 25 minutes ago
I'm here to tell you that you - actually we - were right to panic.     I'm Paul Thornton, and it is Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021. 

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Robert Durst Found Guilty of Murder
Newser | Headline News... 55 minutes ago
He said Durst would pursue all avenues of appeal.     Durst, who faces a mandatory term of life in prison without parole when sentenced Oct. 18, was convicted of the first-degree murder of Susan Berman. 

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SpaceX capsule with world's first all-civilian orbital crew set for splashdown | The Daily Star
The Daily Star - Leadi... 16 minutes ago
To prepare for atmospheric re-entry and return to Earth, the SpaceX Crew Dragon vehicle completed two rocket "burns" on Friday to lower its altitude and line up the capsule's trajectory with the targeted landing site.     The Dragon capsule, dubbed Resilience, is scheduled to parachute into the sea around 7 p.m. 

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Horoscopes for Saturday, September 18, 2021 | Centre Daily Times
State College Breaking News & Sports | Cen... 1 hour ago
Ariens are renowned for their charm and you're a shining example of that today.     Social events will go swimmingly, because you'll hit it off with everyone. 

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France recalls ambassadors to Australia, US in escalating row
Gulf Times- Qatar's to... 2 hours ago
France on Friday recalled its ambassadors to the United States and Australia in a ferocious row over the scrapping of a submarine contract, an unprecedented step that revealed the extent of French anger against its allies.     France meanwhile called off a gala at its ambassador's house in Washington scheduled for Friday. 

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Family says Laundrie is now missing, Petito still not found
AOL - News, Politics, ... 6 hours ago
She was reported missing on Sept. 11 by her family.     It added that the investigation is now a “multiple missing person” case. 

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Algeria's former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika dies aged 84 | Euronews
Latest breaking news a... 1 hour ago
Algeria's former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika has died aged 84, state television announced on Friday.     Bouteflika had suffered a stroke in 2013 that badly weakened him. 

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The Latest: India gives 25M vaccine doses on Modi's birthday | Hosted
Hosted | Home 3 hours ago
NEW DELHI - India gave out 25 million doses during a special COVID-19 vaccination drive organized on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday.     The campaign took place Friday as Modi turned 71. 

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Narendra Modi should celebrate his birthday everyday, says Congress after record vaccinations - Telegraph India
Telegraph India | Late... 2 hours ago
'Emotional moment' for Modi as India administers record 2.5 crore vaccine doses on his birthday - Telegraph India
Telegraph India | Late... 3 hours ago
India gives 25m vaccine doses in drive to mark PM Modi's birthday | Irish News | Breaking Ne... 3 hours ago
അരമണിക്കൂറിൽ രണ്ട് ഡോസ് വാക്​സിൻ; ഞെ​ട്ടൽ മാറാതെ​ വയോധിക | Given two doses of the vaccine within half an hour | Madhya...
Malayalam News: Breaki... 3 hours ago
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UkrInform: 3D printed Ukraine's flag to be delivered to the moon - KyivPost - Ukraine's Global Voice
KyivPost - Ukraine's Global Voice 46 minutes ago
For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.     Please disable your ad-blocking software or whitelist our site to use it in full. 

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Firefighters battle to save General Sherman, the world's largest tree, as blazes ravage California | South China Morning...
HK, China, Asia news &... 6 hours ago
Giant sequoia trees stand among smoke filled skies in the Sequoia National Park in California.     Firefighters battle to save General Sherman, the world's largest tree, as blazes ravage California. 

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That no one will resign for killing Kabul children shows American empire's true face - RT Op-ed
RT - Breaking news, sh... 2 hours ago
One might think someone ought to, considering that they killed children.     The suspicious bags and containers loaded into his white Toyota? 

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'ആ കുഞ്ഞുമക്കളടക്കം പത്തുപേരെ കൊന്നത്​ ഞങ്ങൾക്കു പറ്റിയ അബദ്ധം', ഒടുവിൽ അമേരിക്ക കുറ്റം സമ്മതിച്ചു | 'Our Intel Was Wron...
Malayalam News: Breaki... 3 hours ago
U.S. says Kabul drone strike killed 10 civilians, including children, in 'tragic mistake' | News , World | THE DAILY STA...
Breaking News, Lebanon... 4 hours ago
US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians | Daily News
Daily News | Breaking ... 4 hours ago
U.S. Admits to Killing 10 Afghan Civilians and No ISIS-K Planner in Kabul Drone Strike
Defense Aerospace news, exhibitions, contr... 4 hours ago
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At least two dead in Afghanistan blasts
Bangkok Post Website 40 minutes ago
Several local media reported the attacks left at least two dead and 19 injured.     The attacks are the first deadly blasts since the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

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Coronavirus Today: Rethinking vaccine protection - Los Angeles Times
News from California, ... 6 hours ago
Here's the latest on what's happening with the coronavirus in California and beyond.     And that was only part of the Pfizer vaccine news. 

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10,000 undocumented migrants packed under Texas bridge
New Age | The Most Pop... 1 hour ago
The mayor of Del Rio, Texas declared a state of emergency on Friday after more than 10,000 undocumented migrants, many of them Haitians, poured into the border city in a fresh test of president Joe Biden's immigration policy.     Video footage showed thousands under and around the flyover, adults and families. 

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Two of Gavin Newsom's Children Test Positive for COVID-19 - The Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter 7 hours ago
There have been 25,799 deaths in the County to date.     Oct. 7 is the date for most establishments to bring this ruling into effect. 

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New York Philharmonic marks 'homecoming' after pandemic cancellations
Bangkok Post Website 6 hours ago
NEW YORK - Following 556 days of pandemic-inflicted cancellations and unconventional concerts, the New York Philharmonic opened its new season Friday, a 'homecoming' for musicians limited to live streams, one-off and outdoor shows for more than a year.     to have an audience again, that's the part that really feels like a homecoming.". 

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