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e-Governance Academy
Trains and advises in the use of information technology for government and
democratic processes. [Estonian, English, Russian]
www.ega.ee - published: Nov 26 2008 - cached

Estonia - MOFA
Background information on the state, society, people, nature, sights, traditions
and values of Estonia and its people. Compiled by the Estonian ministry of foreign
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www.vm.ee/estonia - cached

Estonian Institute
Aims to spread information about Estonian society and culture, and to promote
cultural communication with other countries. Information about events and
publications, and links to Estonian resources.
www.einst.ee - cached

European Consumer Centre for Estonia
Provides information about consumer rights in Estonia, including air passenger
rights and other practical information for consumers. [Estonian, English, Russian]
www.consumer.ee - cached

Information Center of Finno-Ugric Peoples
An Estonian society that collects and provides information about Finno-Ugric
studies, including the publication of an online newsletter.
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www.suri.ee - cached

Institute of the Estonian Language
Materials and publications. Includes several dictionaries. [Estonian, English]
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www.eki.ee - cached

90th Anniversary of Estonian Republic
Site covering the celebrations and events taking place during the anniversary year.
[Estonian, English, Russian]
www.eesti90.ee - cached

Banknotes of Estonia
A list of Estonian banknotes, with images.
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www.banknotes.com/ee.htm - cached

Lists Estonian cultural events in Estonia and around the world. [Estonian, English]
www.culture.ee - cached

Estonian Biographical Center
Estonian genealogy and biographic archival research. [Estonian, English, German]
www.isik.ee - cached

Estonian Central Council in Canada
Concentrates on strengthening cultural, trade and other relations between Canada
and Estonia. It also keeps the Estonian heritage and culture vibrant in Canada by
helping organize various meetings, conferences and events. [Estonian, English]
www.ekn.ca - cached

Estonian Genealogical Society
Short overview of activities, members and publications. [Estonian, English]
www.genealoogia.ee - cached

Estonian National Folklore Council
An interdisciplinary organization for institutions engaged in folk culture, folk
art and cultural heritage. [Estonian, English]
www.folkloorinoukogu.ee - cached

Estonian NGO Roundtable
Broad form of cooperation to discuss and protect the interests of the nonprofit
sector. Partially in English.
www.emy.ee - cached

Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals
Projects and activities of the society. How to volunteer or donate. [Estonian,
English, Russian, German]
www.loomakaitse.ee - published: Sep 28 2008 - cached

Oral heritage, folklore and folk belief and the institutions engaged in researching
it. [Estonian, English, German]
www.folklore.ee - cached