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Office of the French President: The French Flag
History and current use.
Search in Category: Regional: Europe: France: Government
www.elysee.fr/elysee/elysee.fr/anglais/the_symbols_of_the_republic/the_french_flag/the_french_flag.20357.html - published: Sep 16 2004 - cached

Atlasgeo: France
Animated GIF image.
Search in Category: Kids and Teens: International: Français: Scolaire: Sciences humaines et sociales: Géographie
www.atlasgeo.net/flags/anglais/html/Efrance.htm - cached

Shipmate Flagchart
National, region, department, and province flags. [English, French, German]
www.flagchart.net/france.htm - cached

World Flag Database: France
National flag and country details.
Search in Category: Reference: Flags: Regional
www.flags.net/FRAN.htm - cached

Flags of the World: France
National, presidential, regional, departmental, municipal, provincial, military,
and historical flags.
www.flagspot.net/flags/fr.html - published: Dec 26 2008 - cached

Theodora.com: Flag of France
Images in several sizes and links to country facts.
Search in Category: Reference: Flags: Regional
www.theodora.com/flags/france_flags.html - cached

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