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Giga Bits (more) books International ISBN Agency 1996
979 10-digit America æÝÜ
13-digit 44 978 ISBNs

Book Sale Finder
Guide to used book fairs and sales across the USA.
Search in Category: Regional: North America: United States: Massachusetts: Localities: H: Hudson: Business and Economy
www.booksalefinder.com - cached

Creative Nonfiction Magazine
Journal includes online essays and book reviews as well as links for the Goucher
College MFA in Creative Nonfiction.
Search in Category: Arts: Literature: Genres: Literary Nonfiction: Journals
www.creativenonfiction.org - cached

International ISBN Agency
Includes a user's manual, prefix ranges, details of group agencies, publications,
reports, and news.
www.isbn-international.org - cached

Enables applications to be made for ISBNs, SANs, and ISMNs in the United States and
Puerto Rico, and provides information about the standards.
www.isbn.org - cached

Library of Economics and Liberty
Economics classics online, featured essays, letters to the editor, and data links
by topic.
Search in Category: Science: Social Sciences: Economics
Search in Category: Society: Politics: Liberalism: Libertarianism: Theory
www.econlib.org - cached

Resource Central - Books Online
Resource links in finding books on the net.
www.resourcehelp.com/qserbooks.htm - cached

BloomsburyMagazine Research Centre
Offers literature reference searches powered by bloomsbury reference books.
Search in Category: Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Arts and Entertainment: Literature
www.bloomsburymagazine.com/ARC - cached

Centre for the History of the Book
History, projects, and events.
www.hss.ed.ac.uk/chb - modified: Jan 26 2010 - cached

Instruction Manuals UK
Instruction manuals for products sold in the United Kingdom.
www.instruction-manuals.co.uk - published: Aug 01 2000 - cached

Nonfiction Religion Book Reviews
Collection of reviews by Skylar Hamilton Burris.
Search in Category: Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Personal Pages: B
Search in Category: Arts: Literature: Directories
Search in Category: Kids and Teens: School Time: English: Literature
www.literatureclassics.com/ancientpaths/religionbk.html - published: Jan 01 2003 - cached

ISBN Tools
Information and tools for using International Standard Book Numbers. Scan them with
a Cu