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The Academy of American Poets
Organization presenting poems, biographies of poets, historical and thematic poetry
exhibits, events calendars, discussion forums and contest information.
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www.poets.org - cached

Wikipedia: Poetry
Article discussing the nature of the form, its history, terminology and the
different traditions.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poetry - cached

Aha! Poetry
Consists of a resource for writers and readers of poetry, emphasizing Asian and
orientalizing forms such as cinquain, ghazal, haiku, renga, sijo and tanka.
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www.ahapoetry.com - published: Oct 05 2008 - cached

Glossary of Poetic Terms
"A unique guide for the study of poetry, with an extensive range of
definitions, cross-references between related terms, informative sidelights,
hyperlinked keywords, phonetic pronunciation guides and numerous examples."
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www.poeticbyway.com/glossary.html - cached

Poems for a Long Winter's Night
A selection of poems about winter, snow, and ice from Charles Baudelaire, Yves
Bonnefoy, John Hollander, Victor Hugo, Gail Mazur, Robert Pack, and Paul Verlaine.
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www.press.uchicago.edu/News/winterpoems.html - cached

A Poetry-Lover's Guide to the World Wide Web
Personal collection of links to online texts and resources of traditional and
"imagist" poetry.
www.serve.com/Lucius/PLG.index.html - cached

A random walk through eight centuries of English-language verse, updated daily.
Visitors can add their poems by email, and webmasters can link to individual poems.
Indexed by poet and title. Illustrated.
www.daypoems.net - modified: Apr 17 2009 - cached

Emphasizes the literary and visual arts in relation to nature, with poetry and
essays by contemporary authors (culled mostly from the pages of Orion and Orion
Afield magazines--which co-sponsor this site) and information on historic
naturalism and naturalist literature.
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arts.envirolink.org - cached

Erin's Poetry Palace
A personal website devoted to poetry, these pages include several sections devoted
to specific poets, a large selection of texts of favorite poems, essays on the
reading, study and discussion of poems, and a small but discriminating selection of
links to poetry-related websites on the Internet.
www.cswnet.com/~erin - cached

Fooling with Words
Website for the PBS television special hosted by Bill Moyers includes performances
and interviews with some of America's most accomplished poets.
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www.thirteen.org/foolingwithwords - cached

Passions in Poetry
Archive of contemporary and user-submitted poetry with categories dedicated to
love, sadness, friendship and life.
www.netpoets.com - cached

Poetry at BellaOnline
Resource offers archived features, categorized links and recommended reading.
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www.bellaonline.com/Site.asp?name=Poetry - cached

Includes sections on poetic forms, famous poets, links to poetry related resources.
library.thinkquest.org/3721/laapp.html - cached

Topix: Poetry
News about poetry, collected from various sources on the web.
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Forgotten Ground Regained
Webzine and poetry resource offering original poems, essays, translations and links
to alliterative poems, original medieval epics and verse romances.
www.alliteration.net - cached

Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms
A brief glossary of literary terms, focusing on poetic terms in particular.
andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/Terms - published: Aug 03 1999 - cached

Inspired Poems
A bilingual English and German anthology of poems inspired by other poems and
www.beilharz.com/insp - published: Jul 01 2008 - cached

Modern Poets - University of Vermont
An introduction to the reading of poetry, with short introductions to several well
known modern poets and audio files with discussions or readings of their works.
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www.uvm.edu/~sgutman - cached

Online Poetry Database
Read feature poems, see user-submitted poetry videos and browse through a directory
of famous poets.
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