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Giga Bits (more) Autobiography 1965 1997
1998 Paul Aldous Dostoevsky
Richard biographies 1947 500

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
This site contains biographies of people who played an important role in the
formation of what is now Canada.
www.biographi.ca/index2.html - cached

Tracking the entire world.
www.nndb.com - cached

African American Women Writers of the 19th century biographies
Over 20 biographies of African American women writers of the 19th century.
Search in Category: Society: History: By Region: North America: United States: Women
Search in Category: Society: People: Women: Arts and Entertainment: Literature
digital.nypl.org/schomburg/writers_aa19/biographies.html - cached

Biography Project
Describes the influence of authors, artists, scientists, film makers and others on
underground culture. Links, life and works.
www.popsubculture.com - published: Jul 01 1999 - cached

Biographies of authors and other famous people that provide a flavour of the
personality as well as relating the key events in the subjects' lives.
www.biogs.com - cached

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography
Written and maintained by the author as a public service for scientific knowledge
and education.
Search in Category: Science: Directories

Erowid Character Vaults
Information about visionary characters including biographies, publication lists,
articles and links.
Search in Category: Recreation: Drugs
www.erowid.org/culture/characters/characters.shtml - cached

HistoryLink101 Biography
Here you can be connected to quality historical biographical sites on the web by
Search in Category: Society: History: By Time Period: Ancient
www.historylink101.com/history_biography.htm - cached

The Classical Fiction Writers
Biographies of the classical fiction writers, including Balzac, Conrad, and
Search in Category: Regional: North America: Canada: Nova Scotia: Society and Culture
Search in Category: Society: Politics: Liberalism: Libertarianism: People: Personal Pages
www.blupete.com/Literature/Biographies/Literary/BiosFiction.htm - cached

The Sound of Sight
This is a story of a boy, born out of catastrophe, nourished by the love of his
family and the concern of his community.
www.thesoundofsight.com - cached

Vandergrift's Biography and Autobiography Page
A brief page on biographical/auto-biographical writing geared towards teaching
young people.
Search in Category: Reference: Education: Colleges and Universities: North America: United States: New Jersey: Rutgers University: New Brunswick: School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies
www.scils.rutgers.edu/special/kay/biography.html - cached